A Co-op Preschool is an Interactive Educational Program for Parents and their Children

Parent involvement in schools is one of the most powerful predictors of high student achievement and healthy development.

At Pine Lake, parents are involved with every aspect of their children's education. Your child will know that education is important in your family because you live it together every day. 

At Pine Lake Co-op, parents get hands-on experience. You'll be able to observe your child in the school setting, interact with other children and parents, and participate in the running of the preschool. Parents assist in the classroom and hold a committee position. 

Great for Children: Play-based Educational Programs

Our proven play-based curriculum focuses attention on social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative development of our children. Monthly field trips take learning beyond the classroom setting. 

Great for Parents: Parenting Education

As part of the co-op, you'll attend informative parent education sessions once per month, run by our Bellevue College child-development specialists, who hold degrees in early childhood education. You'll also participate in parent-teacher conferences to aid in developing parenting techniques appropriate to your children's needs.

Community Based: Get to Know Other Families

At Pine Lake Co-op, parents join a community of families with the common interest of taking an active role in their children's education.

Work in the classroom

A parent from each family must work in the classroom one to three days each month (dependent on number of class days per week). We provide training to our parent volunteers for working at the school and with preschool age children. 

Hold a committee position

Our parents work together to assist in operating the preschool. Positions range from serving as registrar, parent leader, treasurer or chairperson, to assisting with cooking and science during class days, or helping with library and supply maintenance. Positions are selected during the first parent meeting of the school year to allow each person to select a job matching their skills, interests and time availability.

Attend monthly parent education meetings

We discuss issues related to the operation of the classroom and preschool, and our Bellevue College Parent Educators present educational topics that are relevant to the age group of the class.

For more information, watch this video provided by the Bellevue College Parent Education Program:


Benefits of a Bellevue College Cooperative Preschool: 

Connect with other parents and their families.

Work closely with your child's teacher and our parent educators to support your child's development and get individualized advice. 

Our favorable children/adult ratio of 5:1 means that a parent or teacher is able to engage with children one-on-one or in small groups.

We offer affordable tuition with scholarships available.