Play-Based Versus Academic Preschools

Parents want to give their children the best possible start in their academic lives. There is a lot of talk among parents about the best approach to early learning. And there is a lot of confusion.

While an academic program might seem to make sense on the surface, the research clearly shows otherwise. Evidence shows that children who participate in play-based programs perform better not only in kindergarten, but also later in school. In fact, one five-year study found large achievement gaps in the fourth grade. Children who participated in play-based preschools outperformed children from academic preschools. The difference was most pronounced in math.

Pine Lake Co-op Preschool is a play-based early-learning program. Children incorporate new ideas and concepts through play. Teachers and parents facilitate this play and guide children to help them better understand the ideas they're exploring. In this way, play is their work.

In study after study, researchers have found that by offering children developmentally appropriate activities, children's young brains develop in a way that facilitates learning. 

All of this new research serves to validate what Pine Lake Co-op Preschool has been doing right for years.

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