Our Parent Education Program though Bellevue College

  • Learn by doing - all our parents work alongside teachers, parent educators, other parents, and their children in the preschool classroom.
  • Monthly parent education sessions cover parenting topics relevant to the age of your child. The parent educator may poll parents for topics of greatest interest for these sessions.
  • Once each year an outside speaker, generally a specialist in child development or parenting, makes a presentation to the entire preschool's parent group.
  • One-on-one parent teacher conferences to provide individualized advice and answer your questions on parenting and education issues for your child.
  • Access to a variety of books and articles are provided through a library of parenting resource materials located at the preschool.
  • Bellevue College recruits child development experts and parent educators to speak at evening presentations during the school year. Tickets to these events are available through the preschool.

Our Parent Educators: